Supply Chain Cloud

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets & operations with digital intelligence. You’ll improve information flow, uncover new insights, and manage complex logistics. Every stage. Every product. Every interaction.

Building trust with trading partners
Drive profitable fleet operations
Optimize fulfillment strategies
Get real-time connectivity
Generate accurate invoices
Minimize freight costs

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud creates an ecosystem of interaction with all your trading partners giving you seamless collaboration and execution.

Transforming warehousing & logistics

Compete and win with Supply Chain

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud breaks down data silos. You have end-to-end visibility of your products, create profit-driven fulfillment plans, improve the invoice to cash cycle, and minimize freight costs. From interacting with suppliers and trading partners to connecting with material handling and voice enablement systems, the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud keeps your operations moving.

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Supply Chain Cloud

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Shop Top Parcel Carriers

Connected Operations

The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud helps you find the most effective shipping options and connects you directly with the carrier. Supply Chain Cloud Ship shops top parcel carriers to provide you with accurate shipping estimates based on package weight, dimensions, delivery location, and time.

Once you select your preferred carrier and delivery method, Ship gives you the option to generate carrier compliant shipping labels and tracking numbers. All the shipping data ties back to your enterprise system to support account assignments and billing.

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